Epiphany Elephant

The Epiphany Elephant Museum



The Epiphany Elephant Museum is the brainchild of Epiphany Elephant President, Jason Amason. It is his dream to provide an interactive museum full of "Elephantaria".* We are currently without a location, so we are seeking a new home for all the 5,000 + elephants that are currently in the collection.

*What is Elephantaria? 






Elephantaria is the term coined by Jason Amason to describe all of the elephant items in the collection. It is any item that happens to be an elephant.







Currently, we are searching for a new home for the Epiphany Elephant Museum! We are seeking a venue to house all of the Elephantaria* as well as other educational resources about elephants.
Ideally, we are looking for a location that has some of the following features:
  • A minimum of 800sq ft
  • A kitchen or kitchinette
  • A functioning restroom
  • Ample parking
  • Small office space
 If you know of or have information about a new home please email us at EpiphanyElephant@aol.com

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