Epiphany Elephant


A Personal Note from the President:


 I received my first elephant  from a family friend in 1977, when I was eight years old. It was a small white stuffed elephant that was a companion and went with me where ever I went; including a family camping trip in Oregon. This began my love and passion for elephants. I requested an elephant as a present the following Christmas in hopes that I would receive a real live elephant as a pet.

 To my delight, I received several small elephant toys and so began the collection; which has evolved into the unique menagerie I have today. This eclectic array of elephant items includes toys, figurines, ornaments and other various antiques.


With the collection fostering my love for elephants I sought an outlet to help these gentle giants. In my efforts to help these creatures I was led to begin a non-profit organization. It is my vision that this organization, Epiphany Elephant, would fund and aid in the humane treatment of elephants as well as aid in the preservation of the species.


I pray that these humble notes and this website will move you to make a step towards helping these majestic animals. Your thoughts, kind words and contributions will help us greatly. If you seek further information please feel free to email us at EpiphanyElephant@aol.com  Donations are accepted on our webpage under the Donations link.


Most Sincerely,


Jason T. Amason


Epiphany Elephant President